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    LEGO+Lincoin Logs=?

    For the Monday Mid-year review of Good Life 6, people like my idea for my thesis project. Most of them asked me about how I interact with those non for profit organizations that I’m working with. They want me to find out more solid data to illuminate my project more. They think I have a really good concept as the starting point, yet I need to set myself as a director of this particular script I am creating. How to make every scene in my project clear and strong will be vital for my audiences to understand quickly and easily about the philosophy of Step By Step. My next step will definitely be digging out as much existing relevant data from libraries, NFPs and experts who have been working on similar subjects as my concept.

    As the director for Step by Step, I have to consider every single aspect and subtle detail in my narrative. One question people brought up during the review was the material, wood, I am using. As people know, wood is a living material which expands and contracts. Particle Board, Medium-density Fiberboard and Oriented strain Board are the existing material Mr. Niemeier suggested me to look up and see if I can get any idea out them. How I can pronounce the material, wood, better in my project. Also, Mr. Cho mentioned that safety will be essential consideration for Step By Step which is truly important since my target audience is focusing on families with children from 9 to 12.

    Branding and marketing strategy will be another essential aspect for my project because my goal is to occupy certain percentage in furniture market in order to reduce the number of cut down trees annually.

    Can my project provide jobs to those people who with few skills? I believe the answer will be YES because recycling is really about time and human hands, but I guess the question would be how I can come up a better idea for efficient productivity.

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