• Mid Semester Review Feedback


    After the mid semester review, the many problems that I ran into and was asked to clarify the age/, target group for my project. Many people were confused because I spoke of both children and adults. My next step in addressing this issue would be to create a better diagram that illustrates the target market that I am to focus on. I feel that a brief understanding of the childhood problems are needed in order to understand the current problems, and I believe that this is where most people got confused regarding the age group. Rewording the mission statement, the vocabulary from survivor to adults may help drastically in clarifying the target users.

    There were also problems of understanding why the project was aimed towards anger. One of the critiques mentioned in order to address this issue and some minor issues that build to work against my project would be to create a better network to show that my project and design is a SMALL part of the entire healing process. I also believe that this is important to show and lacked during the mid semester review because it appeared that I found this project to be a solution to the entirety of the project. This critic reminded me that my part is very small but could potentially be important.

    There were problems with title of the project too. Some commented that a negative title could perhaps encourage the rage build up and not have a positive effect on the users. One comment was suggesting that I use the positives from my project rather than the negative such as focusing on the positive and recovery rather than the rage and anger.

    I was asked continuously to show a diagram that illustrated the various players in my project. They felt that it is important to understand all the people that these individuals are in contact with to show once again the bigger picture, rather than claiming that my project is the solution.

    Scale was part of the suggestions. I had various suggestions on making the project into something on a large scale and branch out rather than keeping it something small and personal. Size, and even the designing a series of products to address this issue were also suggested.

    Many suggestions on the gauges were made from what it could measure and the material and colors to be used. Many mentioned the visual reward of using a design to express anger in a manner that is not harmful to you or others.

    A number of suggestions of making the screaming cone a recording device for the individuals to hear what they sound like in the heat of the moment. This could also help to show how their anger increases or decreases. An interesting suggestion that played against the audio recording, was visually recording, using cheap disposable material to create this cone. The individual would mark every time they had to use it, or even when they were out of control angry. Every week, they would collect these cones to learn from how they are controlling their anger and problems that come from it.

    Many people liked the gauge idea because it promoted the state of rational talking; perhaps even explaining what each stage or gauge is would help them understand the source and how to tackle their anger issues.

    Books and contact information were also given to help research into the different therapy methods that exists rather than just understanding the simple and most common ones. Instant Emotional Healing was the suggested book, which names many different therapeutic exercises that incorporate body and mind exercises as inspiration for design options.

    I was actually privileged enough to speak to someone who is undergoing trauma therapy and had many insightful things to say. As the individual did make many suggestions on the research, many suggestions were made regarding the design of the items I had. She was very engaged with the meter reading stress ball, and suggested that making the product be able to read body temperature, and when the individual using it calms down, the material would show that in color. She said that it is very rewarding to show visually your body calm down. The visual affect that shows a form of change is very helpful for an individual who feels stuck. Solving the issues of handling anger away from a therapist is also important for individuals to learn and control themselves.

    A timeline was also mentioned to help show how the problems of childhood sexual abuse escalates through the time it remains untreated. This could also help clarify the age group that I am targeting.

    More people asked to see scenarios that illustrated it being in use. Although this was directed on my board, perhaps not clearly enough, so it is something that I could work on making clearer to help clarify the various issues with my project and the questions that come about.

    Focus on the fact that anger is energy, and my project is relief directed and I am helping the individuals to control expanding their energy and appointing it in a controlled manner for reading and understanding.

    The muffling concept was not a benefit of my design. It was mentioned that it could make the individual feel even more stuck and frustrated with their problems.

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