• Thesis Review Conclusion

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Overall review responses are positive. The argument is strong and the solution is logical. The integration of tradition symbol is also positive approach. Here are the suggestion for improvement.

    Things that need to be considered

    • Can users use it when they are under pressure of company?
    • Maybe I need to find a NFP that could adopts my design?
    • The distribution method, government or a labor union?*1
    • Where to distribute? Rural or cities?


    • Could the design be DIY and self-educational?
    • Could it be smaller, a pocket size?
    • Can it be a educational game?
    • Could design use verbal voice, which might provide more comfort for users?
    • Could it use graphic in stand of text?
    • Can the interface design be more clean, maybe ipod-ish?
    • The graphic can integrate more Chinese design (regional or global)?
    • Perforated punch holes as a check mark?
    • Can it be a more advance device that is not own by workers, but own by government, and rent to workers?
    • Touch buttons in stand of sensors?
    • Solar angle calculator?
    • Flash card style?

    Materials and Manufacturing

    • Different magntic design
    • Design that does not acquire electric parts so it cheaper to produce?
    • Exotic paper that can be reusable?

    *1 - Labor union would be ideal for distribution, however majority of workers are not part of the labor Union for some reasons. Either they are lack of access to an union, or they do not know about union. Most importantly, union do not have very strong power in China.

  • The use of electric parts which will increase in the cost is the most critical responses from people. Considered this design is for migrant workers, the design has to be extremely low cost and low tech. I am going back to my earlier concept of circular plate and combine both concept together. I will also look up the book that Robert recommended to me, "Reinventing the Wheel"

    In stand of trying to integrate a very recognize Chinese symbol, I can also design the device with more regional cultural graphic design (divided by West, Central and East). I do not intend to design the device with a lot of infomation and graphic on different region; in stand, I want to design the graphic that workers can represent the region they came from.

    As my concept is really specific on one task, most people do not have issue with my direction of design. Therefore, in order to expend the meaningfulness of my concept, I will focus on different possibility of distributions.

    1. Is it possible to built up workers' relationship with government or union? For example, the device adopt a higher technology, and the organizations rent the device to the workers. Workers have to return to the organizations to return the device, at same time, they are also building up a relationship.

    2. If the workers own the device, how do I provide infomation on where they could find help if they are getting into contract argument with factories? If the device does not address that then it could be pointless. Therefore, I still need to built up a relationship connection.

    3. Maybe the public awareness not that important for my concept direction, since my design is from Chinese perspective and not from Western's perspective.

    In the review, one reviewer responded that the design of my digital board that it is not "structural" enough and the circular motion are confusing him. The rest did not give negative nor positive comment on the board. Therefore I am not changing the design of my board right now until my next revised design. (Since the layout and information will change depend on the design anyway)

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