• Manifesto:racism


    Since the first pilgrim stepped on Plymouth Rock in the early 1600's it has been evident that there is a problem with the people in America, when it comes to race. Though race may be present, it takes up more of the personality of the average American than necessary. We treat each other differently because we are a tone lighter or darker, our eyes slant or are round, our hair is straight or curly and if we try and pair these chararistics up with an opposite we act as if a sin has been commited. This must stop.
    We should not be turning around and making ugly faces because a man of African descent of 200+ years walks hand in hand with a woman of European descent. Many can say they have no problem with another person dating a person of a different race, but then why in the situation of a black man and white woman does she become a gold digger, or weak? Why must he be turning his back on his community for his feelings? Not one race is exempt from this treatment. All races have been known to use slang that is otherwise know as slurs towards other races, only to point the finger when they are the target. It wrong either way. This is no longer a small error that can easily be corrected easily. This has become an epedemic of the mind, and of our culture. It seated deep in the mind and hearts of Americans, and it will take time for us to dig and pick our way out of this disgusting mindset that was develped by our ancestors, but we have to start now. We have to stop teaching our children that they are white, black, asian, or hispanic, and start teaching them that they are people, so that the cycle of racism will stop. We need stop asking ourselves to fill in the bubble that best descibes how we look to catagorize ourselves into the predestined roles of society. We are Americans, more that we are all humans. We are of the same species the of the same race, that being the human race, and we need to start acting like one.

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