• Things have been good : )


    The more i realize how much i love shooting architecture the faster my work gets done. I have been working like crazy left and right- what a great quarter.

    Thanksgiving is next week and i have a feeling im not going to be able to go home (Chicago) to be with my family. My boyfriend has to get back surgery : ( and so im going to be there for him and to take care of him until he is better. I guess these are the things you do when you love someone. In all honestly i dont have a problem taking care of him- I just wish i could see my family.

    For my Social Awareness class we are suppose to have spoof ads so for the past couple of weeks ive been working 3 images. Chicken with chicken wire around it and beef with barbwire on it and pork with little metal rods stuck in it. That is how i have always thought of meat thats why i dont eat alot of it. I feel bad, im almost PETA... but not really... Im really not sure. All i know is that i have a big heart and i would rather eat a piece of chicken full knowing it had a great life. I hope that makes sense, my family thinks im weird with having those types of feelings. I cant help it, i care.

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