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    Communication, Communication Design

    DESIGN CRITERIA The general purpose of this Design criteria is to help me with designing my product through focusing on communication, raise awareness, and improve well being and also location of User targets. Setting wise, it would probably be anywhere such as suburban and urban pedestrians, and finally my product will be distributed global for everyone to enjoy and use my product respectively.

    1.) What are products that serve a similar purpose?(look at DESIGN PRECEDENT)Target users(20-30 from college students to serious relationships before marriages)online chatting,maze games, facial expressions, walkie talkie, online chatting, phone, video games, media, music, dancing, sports and etc…

    2.) What are the material qualities of products that serve this audience? metals, plastic, rubber. Warm, shinning, glowing, scent, vibrating, sticky, delicious looking, bumpy, feedback material, living material, funny, smooth, silky, hard, sensitive, fragile, durable, transformable, transparent, memorable, emotional attachment, clean, silent Velcro, mood settings, was, sensual materials, relax, pure/compose, adaptable, sexy, lust, washable, portable, safety, valuable, approachable, friendly, joy, lovely, optional, ease of use, educational, eco-friendly.

    3.) What are materials and manufacturing processes are available and appropriate for your location? Plastic, fabric, metal, glass, wood, rubber, silicione, natural resources, minerals, molds, press molding, roto molding, vacuum forming, injection molding, ceramics/casting, welding, sewing.

    4.) How are similar products that serve this audience in this location distributed?Design stores, online stores, boutiques, home, e bay, clothing store, imports.

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