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    I created a diagram of products on the market that serve similar functions. None of them are specifically geared towards autistic people, but there are many similarities in the way the function and the materials they are made of. Click here for a larger image.

    Some more relatively similar products that reduce stress/promote well being/facilitate repetitive behaviours:

    -Stress Balls -Massages/Yoga -Bop-It (toy) -Sudoku/Crosswords -TV -Origami -Video Games -Rubik's Cube -Aromatherapy/Incense

    Material Qualities I am Interested in Applying:

    -Soft -Fabric -Simple -Foam -Quiet -Gentle -Safe/Calming/Soothing -Flexible -Sensorial -Squishy -Safe

    Potential Materials:

    -felt -wool -rubber -plastic -polyurethane foam -jersey -silicone rubber -cotton -non-toxic -breathable -flexible -resilient

    Possible Manufacturing Methods:

    -injection moulding -casting -rotational moulding -sewing -gluing/binding -crimping -knitting -weaving -extrusion -sanding -vacuum forming

    Methods of Distribution:

    -manufacturer to distributor to school district to school to teacher to student -manufacturer to distributor to toy store to parent to child -manufacture to distributor to non-profit to school to teacher to student -manufacturer to distributor to website distributor to parent to child

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