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    Parts A and B

    In regards to transportation we discussed many different methods people use to go from point A to point B. In the order of fastest to slowest:

    1 - Airplane - this would include jets and small plane carriers- if it flies, its an airplane. 2 - Boats - anything that moves on water, such as cruises, navy carriers, fishing boat etc... 3 - Gas Powered Cars -aka the automobile. their are many different types like SUVs, Crossovers, Compact, Luxury ... 4 - Electric powered vehicles - Gaining popularity their are several companies working on Electric powered vehicle. ZAP, Economy Cars LTD., Mini, GM's Chevy Volt... Also the Segway Human Tranporter 5 - 2 wheelers - Motorcycles, scooters (although now they have three wheel scooters as well), generally much better on gas mileage. 6 - Human/animal powered methods -Such as the bicycle, Skateboard, Razor, Rollerblade, and more (donkeys, horses...). Generally human powered leaves the carbon footprint the smallest

    The main materials in connection with all of the above are Plastic and Metals. Plastics can come in many different types along with the numerous amount of metals, such a aluminum, titanium, steel ... The use of carbon fiber has been pumped up as well for its lightweight and durability. Rubber is needed for many of the tires/wheels that most of these method of transportation need. Even a boat has to be carried on land by a hitch which also has wheels. Wood is used as well in the luxury part of a car/boat/plane or as the basis of an actual skateboard. The Razor uses aircraft aluminum for it light weight and strength properties.

    All of these materials comprise the worlds methods of point A to point B modes of transportation

    Part C Project Temporary Bike Rack

    Location: Urban, Parks, Street

    Metal - Steel, Aluminum, Titanium Cement Carbon Fiber Plastic Leather Rubber Cardboard Magnets 3D Netting Rope Used Electric Wire

    Part D

    Manufacture --> Temporary --> Organizations / event hosts -->if it becomes broken it can be recycled or reused for a second life or into the garbage

    Manufacture --> Bike Stores --> Homes / buildings --> Reused / recycled / garbage / resell

    Manufacture --> Permanent --> Govt / schools / contractors / offices --> streets / parking lots / curbs --> recycled / reused / thrown out

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