• Design Criteria Revisited



    Fold up handlebars

    Designer : Joe Wentworth

    Function : To create a slimmer possibility to create better storage space for bicycles. In the many hurdles bicycles have this is one more design to accomplish a usual problem of size and space. The average bicycle is 20 inches wide because of the handlebars. This can reduce that to 5-6 inches overall width. It also in includes a lock where the ends of the handlebars meet when folded.

    Form : it aesthetic is nice in shape due to its function, its got nice rubber handle grips looks like a neat accessory one can add to their bike

    Technology : Another design that is low tech and solves a problem. Social Impact: In a time like today where it is crucial to get bicyclists to claim a piece of the road this solves a problem to give more people that option of buying a bicycle and hitting the road knowing they can store it against a wall with out it sticking out 20+ inches.

    Environmental Impact : If more people buy bicycles with this feature the carbon footprint we leave will be reduced.

    Fold Up Tire

    Designer : Duncan Fitzsimons

    Function: Folding a wheel in a very clever way. It makes whatever object it is attached to a possibility of being very compact, like a bicycle or wheelchair.

    Form : Its X in the center is visually very appeasing. Its color of dominantly black, with a few tints of green, silver and white make it look very racy

    Technology : Low tech and smart design.

    Social Responsibility : By being able to compact normally bulky items, we can now store them with ease. In a suburban area now one can keep a wheelchair in the trunk along with groceries and three kids in the back seat. In the urban environment on can now keep a bicycle in ones possibly small apartment.

    Environmental Impact : Some may be inclined to get a bicycle with the wheel fitted to it because they will now have room to store their bicycle. This leads to leaving a small carbon footprint.

    Fold Up Bicycle

    Designer : Thomas Owen

    Function : To provide an alternative method of transportation that can fold up with ease. I question if it would work well with its “Revolutionary Power Assist” I still don’t understand how it works. Bottom Line very nice way to fold up but nothing new. Small tires usually more work to achieve speeds of larger wheels, but a nice alternative to the current fold up bicycles

    Form : It has a very modern feel to it with a new wave of thinking when it comes to futuristic designs. The placement of circles based on function looks great. The rectangles that provide its hinges for folding up are all nicely in line with each other. The handlebar and seat have an elegant form to them.

    Technology: It is high tech with power assist system that I don’t understand, but that’s according to the designer.

    Social Responsibility : It promotes bicycle use with a very nice aesthetic and since you can carry it in to your apartment or job you don’t have to worry about vandalism which is normally a major deterrent for people to get a bicycle in the first place

    Environmental Impact : If more people ride by bicycles it helps the environment. Again this is a concept and I am unsure of its process of distribution and lifespan would be.

    Re Tyre - Tire Seating

    Designer : Carl Menary

    Function: It functions as a seat. I can see it being a bit soft which may make it comfortable. If flipped over it can be used as a back-to-back seating as well.

    Form : It follows a thing that is taught in design about Dominate, Subdominant, and subordinate. It has a very interesting shape and would fit well into a car lovers dream home.

    Technology : Low Tech, tire and a piece of metal to create it. Genius!

    Social Responsibility/Environmental Impact : It is another way to reuse an object that is usually left for landfill, and when a tire field goes on fire it is virtually impossible to put out and send hundreds of bad toxins into the environment. This design keeps them out of landfills and keeps our earth green.

    Bicycling Safe Headphones

    Designer : Sehyun Baek

    Function : This Design was aimed at safety for bicycle riders who would like to listen to music while riding their bike. In most headphones external noise is blocked out for better sound. Here the external noise is not blocked out producing “poor quality” sound. By being able to here outside noise you can avoid possible Fatal Accidents.

    Form : It has a pleasant aesthetic quality with nice colors and shapes. The icons are bold with its neon green against the shiny black plastic. I wonder where the user holds on to the main part of the circle.

    Technology : It is high tech with its Bluetooth capability. I am not sure if it can be used for a cell phone as well, that would be interesting. But its smart to not have wires hanging all over the place.

    Social Responsibility: It accommodates the luxury of music like one generally has in a car. Now that you can have music on a bicycle some may want to ride to work in a cleaner more environmental friendly way.

    Environmental Impact : If more people ride by bicycle because of this product it creates a smaller carbon footprint. It is just a concept and I am not sure what its cradle of life is.

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