• Material Analysis


    Analyzing similar products My mission is to build better relationship between caretaker and client.

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    What are products that serve a similar purpose?

    Lego String Finger Music Box Coffee Maker Knitted Scarf (Knitted Product)

    What are the material qualities of products that serve this audience?

    • Interaction
    • Collaboration
    • Assembly
    • Playing
    • Music
    • Creating
    • Taste (Flavor)
    • Gift

    What are materials and manufacturing processes that are available and appropriate for your location?

    • Plastic
    • Wood
    • Yarn
    • Coffee
    • Paper
    • Metal
    • Glass

    Manufacturing process

    • Weaving
    • Casting
    • Filtering
    • Knitting

    How are similar products that serve this audience in this location distributed?

    • Department store
    • Toy store
    • Clothing boutique
    • Knitting material store
    • People who are close to you

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