• Materials 4 - Similar Products Analysis

    Environment, Industrial Design


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    I used a method of comparison between products in various characteristics, both physical and mental (very similar to the assignment of product analysis in thesis studio).

    This way the viewer can compare and understand in each criteria where is the product situated and what are its pros and cons.

    for the second part of the assignment:

    Similar products:

    -"bixi" - montreal

    -"Velib" - Paris

    -"Bicing" - Barcelona


    -E-bike (electric bicycles)

    -SDC (sustainable dance club = piezoelectric floor)

    -Electric cars

    -zip cars (sharing system)

    -Piezoelectric shoes

    -"Crowd farm" movement & impact project (MIT)

    -Subways (+ subway braking systems = generate energy)

    -Bicycle lanes = common streets theory

    The Analysis of materials & processes:


    -Aluminum (6601 most common for bicycles)

    -Carbon fiber

    -Stainless Steel (mostly parts & accessories)



    -Plastic / Polymers (P.P, P.E, P.U, P.S)



    -Electrical Cords (PVC + Metallic Wires)








    Relevant Processes & manufacturing:




    -Rotational molding

    -Welding (TIG)





    -Vacuum forming


    -Painting / Spray paint (Airbrushing)

    -Drilling / CNC cutting

    -Printing (+3D printing)

    -Pressing (Textures)

    Methods of transportation For Urban transportation:

    For urban vehicles the option are limited:

    -In Boxes (Parts for assembly) -> comes in ships (sea) /airplanes (air) /trucks (land)

    -The product is already assembled -> can come in packaging (carton / wooden box) or without any packaging.

    Parts are sold separately in designated packaging - carried by buyer or shipped by carrier to desired location.

    -Some products are folded (scooters) and can be boxed, some are used right out of the store (delivery is not possible = motorcycles)

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