• Charrette Proposal


    Title: Preparing you and your pets for disasters

    Subject Area: Awareness, education, design intervention

    Time: 1 hour

    Objective: To learn more in-depth information regarding pets and pet owners and what happens to them during a disaster from the NFP’s perspective.

    Topics to cover:

    • Identify current issues responsible for separating pet and owners
    • The use of microchips and its effectiveness and areas of improvement for tracking devices
    • Animal shelters and how they operate
    • All the documents and how they feel about the process.


    1. Warm up by discussing (10 mins) a. What they feel is the most important for the owners to know and do before a disaster strikes b. Why it is so hard to convince people to prepare for disasters and how we can change it c. Other problems that they think is important

    2. Associate the identified issues with activities, emotions, funding, and other factors/aftereffects. (15 mins)

    3. Based on 1 and 2, decide 3 different entry points to solve the issue (5 mins)

    4. Brainstorm on possible solutions (20 mins)

    5. Narrow down on 3 solutions (10 mins)

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