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    Currently, I am still in the process of having an NFP to work with me. I have been contacting the Humane Society New York State Director, Patrick Kwan, and ASPCA, and I am also contacting smaller local NFPs in New York, such as Animal Care & Control of New York City. The following is a list of steps that I am going to take:

    1. Keep contacting Patrick Kwan from Humane Society and local NFPs (Reach one ASAP)
    2. Meet with an NFP for a design charrette (by NOV 21)
    3. Conduct a online survey to pet owners and animal enthusiasts via online pet communities , such as Care2 (http://www.care2.com/community/) and Muttropolis (http://community.muttropolis.com/) by NOV 21

    Humane Society (HSUS) HSUS is nationwide organization who works to keep the general animal welfare, including pets, farm, and wild animals. Two of its many departments deal specifically with Disasters and Companion Animals. The organization has led some of the largest rescue teams during natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Gustav. They are also advocates of pet-friendly shelters.

    Best Friends Animal Society The Best Friends Animal Society is based in Kanab, Utah who is guided by a simple philosophy: “kindness to animals builds a better world for all of us.” They have been working in the topics of Animal rescue and disaster response, public education, spay/neuter programs, and animal shelters.
    I have spoken with Rich Crook, who is the head of the Rapid Response department. He informed that that they are currently looking at a relatively new process for tracking, developed by UPS that involves bar code scanning as a means for tracking the animals. The owner/rescuer would place a collar on the animal with a bar code. The owner then gets a wristband with the same bar code. Both codes are scanned into a tracking database. (more info at http://www.pettags.com/products.aspx?CategoryID=23)

    Animal Haven Shelters Animal Haven Shelters is a no-kill animal shelter that is based here in New York. They currently have four different programs: a shelter in Flushings, Queens, an adoption center and boutique in Soho, a mobile adoption program that travels throughout the greater New York, and a sanctuary and rehabilitation center in Catskill Mountains, in Delaware County, New York. They actively contributed in rescuing animals from Hurricane Katrina.

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