• Observation #1 - Central Park 11/11/08

    Environment, Industrial Design


    click here for observation analysis map

    There is a big gap between what people say / think they behave and act to how things are actually occurring in real time, either consciously or unconsciously. The observation is a process that should be performed several times in different environmental conditions in order to identify patterns and long-term behavior of participants and the relationship with their surroundings under the chosen conditions.

    First observation:

    Date: November 11th

    Time: 4:30-5:15pm (transition from daylight to darkness)

    OAT (Outside Air Temperature): 6 Degrees Celsius.

    Location: A crossroad between a main road (that includes a bicycle and runners lanes) and a park trail that cross the main road from the “Great Lawn” to the western side of the park.

    GPS coordinates: Latitude. 40°46'51.23"N, Longitude. 73°58'9.76"W

    click here for satellite image of observation location

    The observation’s goals:

    • Type of Urban Transportation used in the park.
    • Where are the transportation vehicles being used (roads, trails, lawn, etc.)
    • Study the flow of Urban Transportation in the park (quantity).
    • Document the light distribution and efficiency of the light posts along the park’s trails & roads.

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