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    One of the big issues with my thesis topic dealing with e-waste is the fact that the processing that goes on in the town of Guiyu is very illegal and underground. However, due to the recent hype and extensive coverage on it in the media, they are becoming very aggressive as well as paranoid with allowing access to outsiders. Therefore, the issue of how I would be able to get my products to the workers in this village became a problem... so I did this sketch of one extreme possibility.

    The idea was that since they smuggle the computers and other electronics products into the town, why not smuggle the equipment in with it? So I thought of possibly disguising the product inside what seemed to appear as a computer into the shipping containers with all the other e-waste making its way to Guiyu. Inside with the gear would also be a note that explained what it was, who it was for, and why.

    This could also be a statement to the public and community as well. The fact that it's become such a big issue that protection for these people, things to improve their health, even have to be "smuggled" in.

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