• Did you know that the earth can cause environmental problems?


    Volcanic eruptions can be extremely damaging to the environment, particularly because of a number of toxic gases possibly present in pyroclastic material. It usually contains mainly of water vapour, but it also contains carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide gas. Other gases typically found in volcanic ashes are hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide, and volatile metal chlorides.

    Volcanoes that have not erupted for some time are dormant, and volcanoes that have not erupted even in the distant past are called extinct. Volcanic activity and volcanic eruption is usually triggered by alterations of tectonic plates, resulting in landslides or earthquakes.

    Carbon dioxide emitted from volcanoes adds to the natural greenhouse effect. Sulphur dioxides cause environmental problems, because they are converted to sulphuric acid in the stratosphere; the main cause of acid rain. Furthermore, sulphate aerosols are formed, which reflect solar radiation and absorb heat, thereby cooling the earth. Sulphate aerosols also take part in chemical reactions, forming ozone destructive material.

    There are different types of volcanic eruptions:

    • Phreatic: explosion of steam, water, ash and rock as magma meets groundwater or surface water
    • Rhyolite flow: high-silica lava (>68%)
    • Basalt flow: low-silica lava (when the silica content is low, lava usually has a higher magnesium and iron content)
    • Pyroclastic flow: fast-moving hot ash, gas and rock
    • Lahar: mudflow of pyroclastic material into a river valley
    • Carbon dioxide emission

    http://www.lenntech.com/environmental-problems.htm to find out more & got info from

    So.What do you think about that? The planet can hurt itself, and we are just helping out like nothing is wrong. The earth can’t stop the volcanos but we can do something on our part and think about what we are doing and recyle

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