• Assignments 11/10

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Title: Awareness & Inequality

    Category: Design possibility

    Subject Area: education, funding, awareness

    Lesson Time: 1.5 hour

    Introduction: The mission is to address the inequality between rural-migrants and urban citizens. This charrette is to help finding out possible solutions that will benefit rural people and increase awareness of inequality.

    Goal: To result possible solutions from non-profits' perspective

    *Objective: *

    • Identify the inequality problems that affect migrants to live well
    • Possible solutions that can solve one or many of those problems
    • Possible products that could solve one / many of those problems and will benefit migrants

      Materials: paper and pen


    NFO Partnership Status

    • Contacted Breakthrough, waiting for response, waiting for response of long term partnership
    • Contacted Rural Migrants Justice and Right Center by phone. Got some current update of migrants situations. Looking for a direct connection with local migrants.
    • Contacted China Labor Watch, waiting for response of long term partnership

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