• Prodcut Precedent

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Category - Communication and/or Logistics Tracking Devices/Thechnologies

    -Wireless Router -Push To Talk Cellphone -Walkie Talkies -Short Wave Radio -PDA/Smart Phone -GPS Tracking -Internet based clipboard (UPS,FedEx) -AM/FM Radio -Satellite Radio -Satellite Inernet -Mesh Networking -One Laptop Per Child -Tablet PC's -Bluetooth Headsets -Loud Speaker -Line of Sight Laser Data Transmission -Satellite Phones -Centralized Servers

    Materials Involved - In regards to the enclosure or casing involved in the portable items, they are typically made up durable plastics such as ABS, PP, HDPE, Polycarbonate. The light weight and strength of these plastics make it an ideal housing for portable electronic devices. Possible alternatives, carbon fiber, due to its incredible strength and ability to better transmit wireless signals through its structure, however, huge cost increase.

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