• Revised Design Brief

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Not only are natural disasters devastating they are also unpredictable. However, the coordinated response and rescue efforts shouldn’t be. It is my ambition to develop and design a product that will help facilitate aid workers during the critical first response phase as well as the following the proceeding weeks. Studies conducted by people such as Lynn Fritz and Tim Russell have shown the tremendous coordination and logistical challenges faced by aid workers of such organizations as Red Cross. By enhancing communications amongst aid workers and other organizations responding to natural disasters I aim to increase the effectiveness of the response that will in turn benefit all who are effected by profound disasters. My product will be used by the aid workers themselves, not by those affected by a disaster. The product must be light, portable and durable and comprised of a material that not only has these traits but is also affordable such as high density plastics. By enhancing the communication between workers on the ground the aid response should become better coordinated, effective and precise therefore bettering the lives of the disaster victims.

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