• Revise Design Brief

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Mission: To create a product that helps locate and prevents missing children, so that there is no more families that worry about and suffer from missing children in the society. Although people are rich or poor, missing children issue is one of the common concerns that all parents have had or are having while they are raising their precious children. Besides, even though portable electric technology is developed such as cell phone, approximately 800,000 children are reported missing each year.

    Target: My target is mid-class families having 3 to 5 aged children who do not memorize their information such as their home phone number, home address, or parents' name. Sometimes it is hard to understand those aged children's behavior with our sense. They tend to be absorbed in everything around them and like to play with it, so they could forget where they are or their parents are. Besides, they are in a defenseless about abduction without custody and impervious to reason, so they easily succumb to temptation from stranger.

    Location/Context: For global uses

    Cost & Marketing: It is not yet precise. I think I have to contact with a specialist about my project's technique field and discuss about it.

    Evaluation/Prototype Testing: Doing many design sketches and modeling. Then I would obtain feedbacks though my NFP.

    Colors/Materials: My product is going to be colorful to attract children's interests, and it will match with children's outfit. I have been thinking about making the product out of inexpensive material however, the material must be soft, durable, or nontoxic because it should be intimate with children. I'm looking for proper material for my project. NFP: in Progress.

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