• Outline of my Design Brief, work in progress.

    Communication, Communication Design

    Mission Statement:"My mission is to provide couples with interactive designs that act to resolve the various obstacles of courtship and help themselves preserve and grow as individuals." My product is going to provide consumers with 2 options. First, the product is going to enhance Romance/Courtship. Second, the product provides you the ability of self-discovery through courtship. Therefore, either or if your relationship between your partner (do/do not) work out in the end; you have nothing to lose but self discovery and be able to have a set preference of your future lover or enhances your current relationship. I believe that we all should set our standards high!

    Research:Through out weeks of research, I found that in questionnaire survey, "trust" was one of the main issue that takes place in Courtship. Further on, I’ve been doing research on divorce rates, as well as colors, materials, and analyzing products that are relevant to my topic.

    Organizationswork in progress.

    Age Group/Target user Men and Woman between age of 20-30 due to courtship/relationship to median age of first marriages and divorces. my product will be mass productions.

    Colors/MaterialsWhat attracts for both men and women through aesthetics, emotions, and functions.

    Cost & MarketingHave not yet decided.

    PrototypeLots of designing and modeling, then test it out on users.

    Packaging & Distribution Have not yet decided.

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