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    Over the weekend, I brought myself to a bookstore located in st marks that open till late. As I browsed and wandered around the design section of the bookstore I came across to a book called “sex designs” by Max Rippon. The book was really helpful due to the fact that I am focusing on interactive design in terms of courtship and self-identity.
    First product was called the “Blobb Tiles” designed by Analia Segals, it was created to stimulate the users mind by thinking that the tiles were melting or wanting to kiss someone. The materials are 6x6 white tiles for bathrooms, it gives the user a playful environment with smooth and liquidize vibe even though tiles are solid rock hard. Second product that caught my attention was the “Hug shirt” by the company called Cute Circuit. The hug shirt is wearable; it communicates through telecommunication technology, fashion design, human vs. human interaction, and design with emotion. Basically, it’s a shirt that allows you to send hugs over distance to your love ones. And also, there are sensors that are embedded in the fabric so that one can feel the strength of the touch, warmth of ones body, and also the heartbeat rate of the sender. Third product that stresses on interactive design that I spotted in the book is the “Hug salt & pepper shaker” by Alberto Mantilla. It is made out of Porcelain, when the shakers aren’t in use; it plays an act of love when two shakers come together and hug each other. Firth product that I found was interesting was the Matali Crasset’s blown glass series, even though the purpose of these vases aren’t the way I interpreted at first but the designs itself gave me ideas to re-designed its function rather than for decorative purposes or what not. The stem in the middle of the transparent cup/glass could be a straw holder for couples to share a drink? Therefore, the straw holder attracts couples to move forward and closer to each other while drinking their beverage together. Fifth product is called the “Bored jacket” by Aamu Song & Johan Olln. This jacket was made and designed for loners and bored people, where they can have more contact with the others around the city. It is made out of Velcro strips so the loners can be happily attached to other loners while wearing the garment in the city.
    Sixth product is the “Courtship jacket” designed by Christopher Eves. His design statement was so well put that he put my thoughts into words, so I’m going to let him do the talking for this one. “I am interested in creating a lasting bond between user and garment, and thus enhancing sustainability. I have been investigating longevity facilitated by functionality. I’m curious of the effect that the functionality can have on emotional attachment relative to the memory of the interaction with the garment. A surprising interaction creates a story of the experience in the user’s mind, therefore creating an emotional attachment and a stronger memory of the object through the story of the interaction. The project ties in with male and female courtship rituals enhancing the stories that can be attached to the garment through the interaction of functionality. Playing with clichés and observations coupled with courtship behavior, highlighting values and concerns.”

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