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    Title: Trees and Future

    Grade Level: from high school to college level

    Category: School Design

    Subject Area: Biology and Design

    Lesson Time: 3 hours

    Introduction: Students will be learning knowledge of trees through trees planting process to furniture design process. Students will decide what plants will grow best in the different climates of different reigns in the United State. How much sunlight those different species need and how that affects their plant choice. The class will be broken down into student teams of four and as a group they must decide on a cohesive furniture design. Design teams must measure the existing space, determine the planting zone of our city and draw a scale replica of the existing public space such as parks or sidewalks. By the end of the lesson, students should research other furniture designs.

    Objective: 1- Students will be able to design a public space based on the knowledge and research souses. 2- Students will have a further understanding how important trees are to our environment. 3- Students will have a better image of how trees are the limited and important material through design process. 4- Students will be able to work as a team to achieve a creative furniture design.

    Materials: Sketch book and pencil.

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