• design brief

    Community, Industrial Design

    Mission: to improve the lives of teenagers with Asperger's syndrome, so that they can improve their sociability and adaptability within the society.

    NFP: GRASP: the global and regional aspergers syndrome partnership.

    Location/Context: For global uses; anywhere teenagers with aspergers syndrome live.

    Target: My target market is the community for aspergers syndrome. This syndrome is less recognized and also, there are only small products exists.

    Age Group: teenagers

    Cost/Marketing Technique: it is not yet specified. I’m looking forward to find out the cost and marketing technique as I go forward with my project.

    Evaluation/Prototype Testing: I think I would get evaluation though my NFP..

    Materials: I’ve been thinking about making it out of cheap material so the whole costs would be low. However, using current technology is also important since it’s out there. I’m trying to look broad on material to find perfect material for my project

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