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    Preserve the artisanal techniques

    Grade Level: With NFP or a Random group of people

    Subject Area: Culture Studies, Product Design, Market Reserch

    Lesson Time:
    An hour


    The indigenous tribes in Taiwan are the original inhabitants before the Han people invaded in the year of 1949. Nowadays the population of indigenous people in Taiwan is 2 % of Taiwan’s total population. These include fourteen tribes with fourteen different languages. Each tribe has their own unique cultures and different rituals. It is really important to pass on the tradition and the artisanal techniques, to help the indigenous people find their own cultural heritage and further strengthen it.


    The involvers will learn about the current situation in the tribes, and some of the techniques the tribes would like to pass on.

    Based on the information people will start brainstorm a list of criteria for what they think would help preserve the traditional artisanal techniques.

    Further more people will start throwing out similar products, which have the same quality of preservation.

    Finally start sketching out some possible ideas


    Different markers, Big Sheets of papers, Tape

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