• Lesson Plan II (With Food Deliverymen)

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Title: Brainstorming on the Safety of Food Deliverymen at Manhattan, NYC with Possible Improvements.

    Designed by: Chen You Chien


    Who: A (group) food deliverymen

    Time Period: 5 to 15 Minute Session

    Introduction: In the session with delivery personnel, I will introduce my concern on the safety of food deliverymen and give them some highlight of my research and design ideas. We will then discuss and brainstorm ideas on improving their safety issue.

    Objective: • To obtain information from food deliverymen • Brainstorming for improvement they want

    Material: • Pen • Paper

    Language: English and Chinese


    • In the session with Food deliveryman, I will first present my thesis statement and ideas with the possible design ideas I came up and then explain the areas that I need information and assistance on. This will take around 2 to 5 minutes.

    • The next 3 to 10 minutes food deliverymen will provide me with some improvement they would like to see on their bikes.

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