• My strategy of Design Charrette


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    According the project of my thesis, my current strategy of design process has dual approach. I am standing at the center between designing and ordinary, and trying to reach one goal at the cross section.

    The designing side is about more logical and research based which involves research with NFP group. The point of research in my project has various functions. The core function is about to investigate real situation, condition, and actual voices from all factors who are the targets of my project. This function must be in the project. Secondary, the research with NFP is the proof of designing and the criteria of designing. This project is located in local area in people’s feelings compared to the issue of nature, because millions of us always see the situation of care working in a house and outside in daily life, but is still global issue.

    Because it is such a well known issue in our society and very familiar to people, I also have to approach from the sight of ordinary. This is the ordinary side. The meaning of ordinary at this point is to have same eye level of ordinary people so that understanding and feeling how they think and see. Also there is an importance of doing this is the affordance. Most of the time, the design solution comes from research and idea, however, this project needs the inspiration which should be familiar to ordinary people so that they do not see the solution as a new strange thing in their daily life.

    Starting from one point and spreading two sides, and the crossover point at the end can be said that the solution has a balance of designing and ordinary. Therefore, the solution could be fit in the environment of both care worker and people who need care.

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