• Revised design brief


    My mission is to solve problems between care workers, people who need care and their families. The core point is how we can make their relationships better. This project addresses the deeper matter of human mentality and how we can approach the core issue through product design.

    Key-findings Please refer Here

    NFP group -Direct Care Alliance -The Japan Association of Care Workers (as another reference)

    Location Individual house and Care community in NYC, and also global location

    Target Market Care workers, people who need care, and their family

    Age of group Elderly (55~) and handicaps

    Cost/Marcketing Techniques and Material The physical object of design is made from the cycle of the target or the community. Therefore, the solution should be made by low technique or simple process of system. The material has to be very soft and non-toxic.

    Production Process The product is made by care worker and people who need care in home care and care community. production speed is not fast, it takes long span which depends on care stint.

    Packaging/ Distribution Method No-packaging or very minimal packaging. The distribution is fit in the cycle of care community.

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