• Lesson Plan for students with aspergers syndrome

    Communication, Communication Design

    Title: Design Charrette for teenagers with aspergers syndrome

    Grade level: high school

    Category: Product Design, Design research, market research

    Subject Area: Communication

    Introduction: Design Charrette for teenagers with aspergers syndrome is to bring ideas together with NFP visually. By doing this, I seek for coming up with new ideas to help individual with aspergers syndrome to look into themselves and each others. Also, possibly promote the issues of individuals with Aspergers syndrome are having and address their problematic within the society. Through this charrette, I hope to develop something I could help them with their mind-sets, communication skills, and their behaviors when they confront difficulties they face in their life.


    • To identify the areas of individuals with AS faced
    • To understand their needs and learn what’s there for them
    • How to teach individuals with AS to accept losses, listen to others, wait for the turn, and respect others; basics of social interaction
    • The main goal is for students to have conversation, negotiate, compromise and building relationships
    • To identify the weakness and strengths of today’s system, products for students with AS


    • My plan is to first meet with special education teacher I’ve known for long to create Charrette to bring out ideas, criticism, and experience. Then with that built-up charrette, I’d like to do it again or build-up more with my NFP; where I could possibly do it with more people in different areas to cover all possible aspects for students with AS.

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