• Design Charrette Lesson Plan Revised


    TITLE: Design Charrette for the Abused

    Category: Design research, product design, target market research

    Subject Area: Design, Psychology

    Lesson Time: Will vary based on scheduled set by my NFP and myself

    Introduction: This “Design Charrette for the Abused” ‘s purpose is to help bring my NFP and myself together, to learn from each other, to visually map out our ideas, research, and knowledge on sexually abused children. Through this design charrette, I hope to gather much of the needed information and opinions of professionals working in the field for and with the children.


    • To identify the various problems that come with dealing with sexually abused children.

    • To understand the needs that needs to be met for these children to cope and heal from their traumatic experience.

    • To learn from each other the various information that was gathered from research and experience in the field.

    • To have conflicting opinions and approaches to dealing with a child who experienced sexual abuse.

    • To identify the things which exist to address these children.

    • To help design an actual product that could help the children, and make the product better for the child’s benefit.


    • Large sheets of paper

    • Different markers, pencils, pens, etc.

    • Tape

    • Post-its

    Procedures: Busy adults who work within a busy organization can get restless with thoughts of all the things they need to do. My goal is to get much out of the design charrette as possible and to do this my plan is to bring coffee and snacks for people joining in on the charrette. I will explain my mission statement and what I plan to do, and ask them to draw/write/scribble their thoughts on the topic, their experience, what their opinions are, etc.

    Design Charrette 1: With the person who helped organize the design charrette by my side, I will introduce myself to those in the room. Hopefully there will be a large table or wall that can host the large sheet of paper for the charrette participants. Snacks will be placed at the table, along with the needed materials to conduct the charrette. I will then introduce myself, and make sure that everyone in the room knows each other before we go on. I will ask them to communicate with each other, contradict each other, and listen to each other’s opinions in speech and in writing. The rule will be that what ever they say has to be written on the design board. I will tell them that the design charrette will last about 25 to 30 minutes, but I am hoping that they will get into the activity and continue on until lots of information is gathered. The rule is that they must cover the entire sheet with information and ideas to help achieve the project’s goal. Once we get to a good standing, I will end the charrette by thanking them for their great ideas and their help on achieving my mission. At the end, if it seems that the participants enjoyed the activity, I will introduce the idea of a second one but totally at their regards. The second charrette if conducted will be refining and making the product that has been designed better. This is to incorporate the children’s opinions, and the observer’s opinions on the design’s pros and cons.

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