• Awesome day

    Well-being, Communication Design


    What a great weekend it has been- getting ideas left and right.

    I met Micheal Kenna at Jackson Fine art on Saturday. : ) it was awesome. I was probably the only one (and fellow classmates) who didnt have a book for him to sign but i still got his autograph (found an invitation- good thinking Bekker). I honestly had no idea what he looked like and when Perry pointed at him and said "Thats Kenna" i was blown away for being so close to him. He isnt royaltiy it was just awesome because ive always looked at his work and admired his images.

    I believe God blesses us when we are meant and worthy to be blessed for the blesses we share with others. I have no idea if im going to be successful as Kenna but i do believe that im going to be doing my best to inspire people and do what i can for others. I think that is the real wealth- when you are able to make a difference.

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