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    Njozi Okonjo, the former finance minister of Nigeria, gave a very interesting speech on TED in June 2007, attached below.

    A couple of issues she was talking about made me realize how important my mission is. She showed age statistics in africa: 40% of people are below the age of 14, 20% are 15-24 years old and 60% are below 24. meaning a huge amount of children- which is who my product will be targeting. As well as that, in a recent UN report I found figures on % of children who attend elementary schools in different countries (much higher than I expected).

    She suggests that in order for Africa to move forward they need to -create jobs -make sure they dont fall into disease -get education

    I will be focusing on the second point.

    As well as that- she touched on another very important point- the role of women in the African Society. "Placing more resources in the hands of women results in greater spending on human capital goods, household services, health, education and food" (World Bank Policy Research Report, 2001)

    Therefore, it might be good to think of a product that women could manufacture for the children.

    Watch the video here.

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