• operable partition (operable wall, movable partition, movable wall), folding doors, shift gate, push-pull doors, Door, noise gate, cut off, the screen

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Cut off the activities of the following features: 1, free to fly to orbit: the floor without the track, the track will be installed only on the ceiling;

               2, the security and stability: cut off after a solid and reliable, easy swing; 
               3, environmental noise: the effect of noise, the biggest noise factor of up to 50dB; 
               4, energy-saving insulation: excellent insulation properties, according to an attendance rate, the large space divided up into small space, air-conditioning to reduce power consumption; 
               5, high-fire: the production of high-performance materials, fire, fire a good performance; 
               6, beautiful generous: any surface decoration, with the reunification of the indoor decorative effect; 
               7, flexible strengths: partition strengths being, and promote flexible, a person can be cut off to complete the whole process; 
               8, to facilitate collection: The collection plate, the partitions can be hidden in special storage cabinets, does not affect the overall appearance; 
               9, widely used: wide range of applications, can be applied to the Chamber, an exhibition hall, restaurants, high-clean factories and offices, and other places;

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