• Design brief and NFP

    Education, Environmental Design

     Education and communication are extremely important between parents

    and children. Both elements can affect children’s personality and behavior. The definition for love is different from American to Taiwan. There are different meaning of love between Taiwan and American. In Taiwan,love is to protect your children, and children have to accept their orders and suggestions. Parents are afraid their children who might make mistake. They want the children to do what Parents want and what parents think is good for them. However,there are communication problems between parents and children . I am focusing on five to seven years old childrens in Taipei which is capital of Taiwan.The product which provides opportunity for parent to spend time with children in older to better understand their children .Not only does the product provide chance for parent spending time with their children, but it also creates communication function as well. It is important to build children’s own personality, in order to become independent thinking. The product also help parent reestablish what they think they know. The goal of the product is to educate parents that when to give the children freedom, in order to have their own experience building their own personality.

    Key findings

    You need to put yourself in your kid’s point of view think like a kid.

    Inappropriate early children education will cause Autism and melancholia issue.

    Phonologic, awareness, and articulation are important elements which

    Can apply to the product.

    I will test the Prototype in a kindergarten school in Taiwan during the winter 
    I spoke to the New York hall of science press room, but they didn’t call  
    me  back. On Wednesday I call and send the mail again, but it didn’t  
    make progress.
    I am waiting response  from  Gymboree play& music school which is 
    Located in 401 84th st  
    I call the kindergarten school which is in Taiwan, they agreed that I can 
    test The prototype during the winter break. I also ask question about    
    children development that help me to more understand children

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