• Plan for 1st NFP Charrette Session

    Environment, Industrial Design


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    A short 50 minutes charrette is planned in order to raise awareness of the energy daily discharge of human actions in parks in NYC and the possibilities we have to harvest that energy and to use it as electricity.

    first step in the charrette:

    I read the definition of energy (2 minutes) , as a group we all come up with energy associations and sources we are familiar with.(13 minutes)

    Second step:

    By sketches and text the group will think of all human activities that can be performed in parks in NYC. (13 minutes)

    Third step:

    Connect the two first sessions and try to think, as a group about any human activity in parks(step 2) that can create any type of energy(step 1). (13 minutes)

    Fourth step:

    Pick the top 3 ideas (from step 3) that can be functional and feasible for production. Summarize and present conclusions from the session. (9 minutes)

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