• My current NFPs status


    AIGA/XCD –

    NFP Goal: 1.) “To facilitate and encourage greater participation among the designers in the global design community. 2.) To serve as a point of contact for designers in other countries to begin a relationship with designers. 3.) To urge US designers to seek out and better understand the role of cultural and international issues.”

    Contact Person Information: The president of this non-profit organization. She has traveled throughout Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe and has lived on 3 continents. Her work in visual communications focuses on the public and non-profit sectors, informing and educating the public via printed collateral, interactive media and environmental graphics.

    Relationship Status: I am working closely with her, besides providing me research information, she recommended me to join the AIGA XCD facebook and post questions and thoughts because it is a well-connected community of people who are interested in cross-cultural design and may able to provide me feedbacks. My next step is to post my design mission and hope they will provide me useful comments. She has referred me to a couple professionals:

    1.) Tao Huang, a professor of product design at Columbia College in Chicago (made first contact with him through email)

    2.) Huang Li, an editor at Design + Package Magazine (to proposal my design statement and ask for suggestions)

    3.) Amy Gendler, runs the AGIA China office (made first contact with her through email, she will be my main connection with China.)

    4.) Anita Tsang, marketing executive at Hong Kong Design Center (to proposal my design statement and set up long distance phone interviews) and meetings with her when I get back to Hong Kong.

    5.) Karen Thumann, a professor at Oklahoma University (not sure about her position, but will make first contact with her this week)

    China Institute in America -

    NFP Goal: “Advances a deeper understanding of China through programs in education, culture, business, and art in the belief that cross-cultural understanding strengthens the global community.”

    Contact Person Information: Kelly Duane, Executive Assistant to the President.

    Relationship Status: I have proposed my thesis topic and my design brief to her, however, I am still unable to set up a meeting with her due to her busy schedule and she is out of the country for two weeks. The only possible way is to send her my questionnaire and communicate with her through email. I am also trying to get in touch with Elisa Liang, the executive vice-president and hope she would able to meet with me and discuss my project.

    Asia Society -

    NFP Goal: “To strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people, leaders, and institutions of Asia and the United States. To enhance dialogue, encourage creative expression, and generate new ideas across the fields of policy, business, education, arts, and culture.”

    Contact person: Chloe Zhang (Shanghai branch based)and Judy (NYC based)

    Relationship Status: Initial contact was made and my next step is to set up interviews with them this week.

    My next step…

    • keep in touch with my NFPs.
    • To contact NYC Chinatown organization.
    • To contact China manufacturers.
    • To conduct a survey in Chinese blogs in China and find out more relevant facts from their point of view.

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