• Important Glossary of Terms about Trees



    Nitrogen dioxide: a reddish-brown, highly poisonous gas, NO2, used as an intermediate in the manufacture of nitric and sulfuric acids, and as a nitrating and oxidizing agent; a major air pollutant from the exhaust of internal combustion engines that are not fitted with pollution control devices.

    Sulfur dioxide: a colorless, nonflammable, water-soluble, suffocating gas, SO2, formed when sulfur burns: used chiefly in the manufacture of chemicals such as sulfuric acid, in preserving fruits and vegetables, and in bleaching, disinfecting, and fumigating.

    Carbon monoxide: a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas, CO, that burns with a pale-blue flame, produced when carbon burns with insufficient air: used chiefly in organic synthesis, metallurgy, and in the preparation of metal carbonyls, as nickel carbonyl.

    -Anemometer, Annual ring growth, Artificial reproduction, Awl-shaped leaves, Axis,

    -Bole, Bracts, Broadleaf, Bud scale scars,

    -Cambium layer, Conifer, Crown, Cuttings,

    -Deciduous, Determinate growth, Drupe,



    -Genus, Genera, Germinate, Graft,

    -Habitat, Host, Hybrid,

    -Increment bore, Indeterminate growth,

    -Lateral roots, Leader, Legume, Lenticles,


    -Natural reproduction, Naval stores,

    -Over winter,

    -Phloem, Photosynthesis, Pith, Pole, Pome,

    -Radial, Resin blisters, Regal,

    -Samara, Sapling, Scion, Seedling, Sheath, Silviculture, Species, Springwood, Sprout, Stomata, Stratify, Sucker, Summerwood,

    -Tap Root, Terminal Bud,



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