• NFP Exercise Part 1


    Going forward with my project, my NFP’s (the New York Centre for Autism Charter School and the Learning Spring School) will be extremely helpful in providing a platform for observational research. Both schools are willing to let me go into classrooms and observe the learning process. This should give me valuable insight into what up until this point I have only read and spoken about. Working with the NFP’s also allows me to speak with teachers and get feedback on what I have researched, assumptions I have, and potential design direction. Assuming that the NFP’s are willing, they will also allow me to test/evaluate my prototypes.

    In terms of next steps with the non-profits, I need to make sure that I keep the relationship established. Up until now I have been sending follow-up emails to scheduled meetings, briefly explaining how they were beneficial and thanking the participants. I plan on keeping up with follow-ups so that the NFP's are aware both how helpful it is for me to meet with them and also how grateful I am for the opportunity. in terms of speaking with parents/other outside professionals, I have made a list of people that I am interested in contacting, and am going to begin contacting them shortly.

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