• NFP-Part 2 Draft


    Jennifer Riggi Draft for Charrette with Non-Profits

    Home Medical Waste: How can we improve take-back programs, raise awareness about its ill effects, and find green alternatives to incineration.

    Time: 20 minute charrette meetings?

    State Standards: No standards throughout states. National Standards: Especially no National standards

    Objectives: Addressing the following 4 issues equally:

    1. Improvement
    2. Raising Awareness (Everyone not just healthcare professionals)
    3. Breaking the cycle by solving at least one point in the problem.
    4. Create a need for greener technologies and change.


    1. What are the materials being used now in the healthcare system.
    2. How can they be greener?
    3. How can they be substituted?
    4. Are there any alternatives already in place?

    Vocabulary: Dioxin: a highly toxic bi-product produced in some manufacturing processes. It is a serious and persistent environmental pollutant.

    Leaching: make a soluble chemical or mineral drain away from soil, ash, or similar material by the action of percolating liquid.

    Leeching: a person who extorts profit from or sponges on others.

    Sharps: a thing with a sharp edge or point such as a needle or a lancet

    Pharmaceuticals: a compound manufactured for use as a medicinal drug.

    Home Medical Waste: sharps, containers, bloody bandages, pharmaceuticals

    Red Bag Waste: any waste that may contain infectious material such as body fluids, blood or any disposable device such as needles, syringes or scalpel blades that may have come in contact with these elements is considered to be “infectious waste”. This waste is placed in a red bag by hospitals for easy identification.

    Incineration: destroying waste material by burning


    1. Assess low-tech solutions and try to merge high-tech solutions with greener practices.
    2. Assessing habits of healthcare professionals surrounding the issue.
    3. Assessing the population that these decisions affect.

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