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    NFP Exercise

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    It is really hard to find a NFP that are welling to help with my project locally. Ad to Artisans is not welling to help, because they do not deal with anything in Taiwan. For my NFP, I’m going to take on a different path. I interviewed, and will keep interview and meet with people who are working on similar projects and ask for their opinions and further critique my work.

    Cynthia Lawson – She’s currently working on the Guatemala Project with Pascale Gatzen. During the meeting, we not only learned about their project, but also got a lot of interesting ideas from the meeting. For their Guatemala Project, they took the path of learning from the Guatemalan and Guatemalan will learn from them. This up coming winter break, both Lawson and Gatzen will travel back to Guatemala to see how they are doing. This year’s goal for Lawson and Gatzen are to build a market for them in the US. Their goal is to enter the luxury market in the US. How can you market an art and design in a high end? It is a question they are asking themselves as well. Can the people in Guatemala make their living out of craftsmanship? Will the working condition become factory like?

    Sangay Choden – she’s a master weaver from the village of Khoma in northeastern Bhutan. Currently she’s woving a kira; woman’s cloth, the dimension is seven feet by 4 feet. Woman wears it by “wound around the body, secured at the shoulders by silver clasps, and gathered in at the waist by a wide belt.” Hand-woven fabrics are the pride of Bhutan. We will be interviewing Sangay Choden on Nov, 6th, 2008.

    George Gaw – during the visit of Rubin Museum of Art, I met the RMA Guide, he’s name is George Gaw. He introduced me to the traditional Tibetan tangka painter Pema Rinzin’s half finished work. The traditional Tibetan begins with a sketch in pencil or charcoal, when it’s finished the painter trace it with brush and ink. Than painter will grind up mineral pigments for blending the color. Each color is a hue, by blending the color, to create the depth of field. The color of gold in the painting will always be 24K gold, other wise it will be disrespectful for the god. I was really lucky to met George Gaw in RMA. George Gaw was a former professor in Art Center; when the Art Center Europe was created, he’s one of the people to be in Art center Europe. He was several company’s CEO.

    Tribe Asia – created by Cheryl Robbins. Tribe Asia’s mission is to bring together a large selection of ethnic and indigenous art works and handicrafts from the Taiwan’s indigenous arts. Cheryl Robbins not only created Tribe Asia, he also written a lot of articles introducing different tribes. I’ve been contacting him for a while, Robbins’ been really helpful on providing me with a lot of helpful information.

    MACY’s Rwanda trade – three years ago MACY’s partnered with the local women from Rwanda to create a line for selling in MACY’s. MACY’s vision, this partnership is focused on trade instead of aid, the sale of these baskets puts real, sustainable income into the hands of the artisans who create them, changing their lives in remarkable ways. During the visit of MACY’s I was trying to contact anyone who was working with the project. But I did not have any luck. I did talked to a cashier; Kay Henry, she told me that the sell of Rwanda lines sells really good, infact the day I was visit, one customer bought 100 pieces, and spent around 4500 dollars. Normally they sell 10 pieces per day, and each customer normally buy 2 to 3 baskets. Each baskets tells you who made it and what date they finished this piece.

    Nidhi Srinivas – is Assistant Professor of Non-Profit Management at the Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy. He’s doing a project in India. It will be really helpful to have a meeting with him face to face.

    Charrette Proposal:

    The Charrette for me will be held online through online chatting programs. Not a lot of programs in the US are dealing with the issues I wanted to touch on. I think it will be better for me to do a Charrette with the people from Tribe Asia online. Although, it might not be a normal Charrette, it will have a better result by doing a Charrette with people who knows the situations of the problem.

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