• NFP Exercise Part 1


    The NFP that I will be working with is Crime Victims Treatment Center. Although I hope to have them play a big part in the research and design process, I have also began contacting different types of therapists, social workers, and counselors. Because CVTC is consisted of professionals and volunteers, I feel that it is important to have a professional’s opinion on the topic at hand. The therapists are important for me to understand the design aspect. I am able to ask them what improvements to existing products can be made and get input from professionals who use the design products with abused children. My next step is to also understand the state of the child when taken away from the abusive environment. Perhaps speaking to cops who have responded to abuse, or domestic violence calls could be able to inform me on the state of the children at the scene of the abuse. CVTC, therapists, social workers, are not there when a response is made by police officers to a residence. Getting first hand information on what the situations are like is important for me to incorporate into my designs specifically what the children need to feel safe and perhaps open up on what they are feeling or experiencing. Between the ages of four and seven, children may not always be able to express how they feel and initially just show fear and withdraw, but these are all symptoms from research that I would like to confirm with police officers and social workers who are actually there for the first interaction with the child.

    After weeks of trying to contact CVTC, I have finally reached my first goal in having the organization’s different helpers remember me and my goals. I have confirmed that the head of one of the sections of the NFP will contact me this week. After the initial pitch and research conversation I hope to try and become more involved with them by trying to speak to them more often, and using their resource center to gather more research information. It is important for me to establish a relationship with the organization that precedes “input and research”. It is my goal to show the organization that I do have passion in helping the abused children victims. I must gain their trust in order for them to be willing to work with me especially because CVTC is so large and busy with their current schedule. I must show them that they are not wasting my time.

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