• NFP update

    Aid, Industrial Design

    Part 1: I have recently located 4 NFPs in New York City and contacted them via e-mail.

    1. Energy Vision: organization that focuses on alternative fuels mainly for transportation in urban areas such as New York City. Their mission is to raise awareness about sustainable and renewable fuels, supporting the technology and fighting oil dependency while being environmentally friendly.
    2. Keep A Child Alive: organization that focuses on raising awareness about HIV and AIDS in Africa and helping mothers and children who live with HIV and AIDS by supplying vaccination and medication.
    3. William J. Clinton Foundation: organization has multiple projects that deal with poverty and health including those in Africa
    4. Millennium Villages: organization as a part of Columbia University works exclusively on helping villages in Africa, focusing on poverty, health, education, sustainability and community.

    Next steps: follow up phone calls and then scheduling for meetings.

    Part 2: Charrette Proposal: To acquire more information to produce the plan for a design charrette I will start by interviewing the NFPs about the issues in Africa that makes their jobs harder and the help insufficient and try to see if any of these problems are energy related.

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