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    NFP: I had a phone interview with Rosa Quinapanta from Salasaca – Ecuador, which is the place I want to work with. She is going to find me more information about Artisan people and products from Salasaca. I have to call her again on Tuesday to get this information; also she gave the phone number of an artisan called Jose Pilla from Salasaca that has more knowledge about artisans and their traditions. She told me that she would go to Salasaca and will try to find me artisans that would like to work on my project; she will try to get emails from these artisans so that it will be much easier to communicate with them and talk about my project. Also she is going to see if there is a NFP organization that I can work with or information as a phone number of the organizations that work with the artisans there. My second step is to call her and also call Jose Pilla on Tuesday and then start sending e-mails with the information and call the organization that they have there, it will be helpful for my research. Next week I will try to get contact the Ecuadorian consulate in Queens. I had a meeting with Cynthia Lawson (Associate Chair – Department of Core Studies, Integrated Design Curriculum at the New School) with Richard and Leah. It was helpful about getting others ideas to market my product as International Fair in Colombia called ProExpo to show to the world the Ecuadorian’s handcraft work. She also gave me a book recommendation that I will read called “Designers Meet Artisans” that explains on how you can market traditional Design.

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