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    Welcome to my Design21 Blog. Here I shall speak about my beliefs, desires and dreams. I bear the name of 'Courtney', and I am an aspiring author. I also wish to become a certified Real Estate Agent, screenwriter, and Activist. As of yet, I am not published, but hope to become in a short amount of time. It took my entire life to lead to the project I'm working on, but I finally found the story I'm meant to write-the first story that shall begin my accomplishments as a writer.

    It bears the title 'Drive', and it features two young protagonists of the planet Kisa-Mireille Aranai and Tobias Halmuron. They move from the devastation of their old lives into a new home, believing that they're getting the chance to begin anew within a peaceful setting. All of that quickly changes as they're propelled into a fight against homophobia, and eventually the destruction of their entire galaxy.

    Our heroes dwell within the Ardigo Realm, which would be known as 'Ardigo City' in our terms. The Atelier (the government of Ardigo) is leading all of Ardigo's inhabitants on a bloody battle against the Realm's homosexuals, who are labeled as 'abnormalities'. Tobias enters the picture as an aspiring singer, suffering from a singing slump while his childhood friend 'Mimi' enters the picture as a photographer-which places her at the front lines of battle.

    The 'abnormalities' of the Ardigo Realm all bear the emblem of a golden eagle upon their bodies, which enables them to choose mates without the risk of stumbling upon a 'hetereosexual' individual. The Realm uses that emblem against them, snuffing them out with that emblem's 'help' and killing them on the spot. The old, ancient methods of Earth are being in used over their current weaponry (which consists of magic Arts), which enables the people of Ardigo to kill of the 'infected' souls with thorough pleasure.

    The battle against destruction will not be solely focused on homosexuals, though. While the people of Ardigo discriminate against the abnormalities in the worst ways imaginable, women and animals don't receive much better treatment. Young individuals are opposed by the older individuals of the community-young ones believe that they're invincible, while old ones see them as rebels. Women are treated as either insignificant insects or sex toys-there are even slaves within this particular community.

    As the battle grows, the world will experience colossal changes. At first, the changes won't be too obvious-the sun will change colors, birds will disappear from the sky-but then everything will explode. The corpses of burned birds will be found upon the grounds as floods, flowers and plants will die, animals will become bloodthirsty beasts or die from delerium, technology will malfunction, electricity will die-and that's barely the beginning. All of this will result from the annihilation taking place, but the government will initiate even greater attacks upon the Realm's homosexuals-accusing them of everything that's occuring.

    I thoroughly hope you enjoy the tip of 'Drive's iceberg. Here's even more information about me-Lady Twilight.

    Favorite musicians: Green Day, Nickelback, Imogen Heap, The Fray, Chris Botti, Paul Hardcastle, Nicholas Matar and Willie Graff, Cafe Del Mar musicians, Rob Thomas, Linkin Park

    Favorite songs: 'If Everyone Cared, 'Working Class Hero', 'How to Save a Life'

    Inspirational tools for writing: Roleplaying games, video game soundtracks, Japanese animation, Japanese graphic novels

    Loves: Life, happiness, the ocean, the sky, the Holy Father, family, writing, yaoi (Japanese tales of boyxboy love), The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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