• Areum, You did a great job on this survey. the fact that you got such a high response rate means that people found it painless to take your survey. The results are very clearly presented in your graphic. Now, the challenge is how to interpret what you have have collected, and how to draw meaning from the responses and the statistics. I would guess that the most relevant information is that a very large percentage of respondents feel that they are inadequately prepared for a natural disaster. So, you have a good idea that there is a strong market demand for a product that will make people feel that they are better prepared, and that their families will be safe if something bad happens. But, I still don't know what you have in mind to do with your findings. I would like you to write a paragraph that summarizes what this all means for you, and how you believe that this information can (or perhaps cannot) help you to arrive at a promising and well-reasoned design brief. The quality of your design brief will determine the outcome of your thesis design project, so you must do a very thorough and thoughtful jog. Let me know if you need more suggestions for next steps.

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