• Questionaire/Survey - Missing Children

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    I sent out my survey to 50 people randomly, and received 36 responses.

    Have you ever had an experience that you got lost when you were a child?

    • Yes (74.3%)
    • No (25.7%)

    If you have #1 experience, where it happened?

    • Amusement park (29.6%)
    • On the beach (11.1%)
    • Crowded street (18.5%)
    • Unfamiliar place (11.1%)
    • Public transportation (3.7%)
    • Near home (22.2%)
    • ETC (3.7%)

    If you have #1 experience, how long were you separated from your parents or guardians?

    • Less than 1hour (44.4%)
    • 2 to 3 hours (44.4%)
    • 4 to 10 hours (7.4%)
    • 11 to Less than 24 hours (3.7%)
    • More than a day (0%)

    If you have #1 experience, did you try to contact with your parents or guardians? How?

    • Called your parents or guardians by phone (0.0%)
    • Went to police department or information center (3.7%)
    • Waited for your parents to return on the place where you lost them. (37.0%)
    • Wandered from place to place in order to find your parents (59.3%)

    What kind of products do you think preventing missing children?

    • GPS System (22.9%)
    • ID wristband that contains name, home phone number, or address, (51.4%)
    • Implant GPS chipset (11.4%)
    • ETC (14.3%)

    What kind of products do you always have or wear?

    • Many people answered cell phone, others mention a belt, a necklace, a ring, and so on.

    Would you allow a doctor to insert a tiny GPS chipset into your child’s body for preventing missing children? (The chipset does not harm human body.)

    • Allow it (I do not mind a tiny injure for preventing missing child) (19.4%)
    • Not allow it (I don’t want my child to get any injured.) (72.2%)
    • Have different thoughts (8.3%) [I would allow it If it is removable when my child become adult.] [I do not want to observe my child like that]

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