• Handwashing in schools Design Intervention Ideas


    I used my revised matrix to come up with some ideas for a design intervention. I decided to focus on handwashing and sanitation in schools.

    My ideas are a bit out there. They are obviously ridiculous the way they are but they are initial and part of my brainstorming..

    My first idea is one where kids would have a handwashing station outside that is working by a foot pump. The idea is that the gray water goes into a garden the school has, and the more the kids wash their hands the more water there is for the garden.. I want to find a way to make the pumping into a game, so that it wouldnt seem like work.

    The second idea is one where the sinks are attached to the blackboard in the classroom. so the kids look at the hand washing stations all day. they pass by them as they come to the classroom. Maybe they have to wash hands as they come to solve a mathematical problem on the board.

    The third intervention is where the tap is actually the knob to open the classroom door. In order to get in, one must turn on the water, wash their hands, and as they complete the turn of the knob to get in, the water will turn off.

    The illustrations are here

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