• 3 different improvements and updated map


    For my thesis project, I have a strong thought of my process to achieve my project.

    Because of my topic that issue (matter) between care worker and people who need care needs real voices from them, then the design will be started even a whole system. Therefore I do not want to get any concrete idea for my final concept, because if I have an image of my goal in any medium, my direction will be somehow influenced by it (them).

    However, on the other hand, I started to explore some interactions between people, relationship between people and objects, habit of people, and what other beings on the earth do with group.

    There are some key words that affordance, habit, and coexistence. My drawings are now very abstructed and just inspirations, but my investigation will not going out of fundamental field.

    The first image is an idea about Process and Result. This is such a simple idea of daily task that creates one product (gift). The calender which is represented by strings horizontally, and care worker adds one line vertically everyday, then product finally created.

    The second image is showing similarity between growth ring on in a tree and the texture on an old crock.

    The third image is looking at how other being in the sea does something with groups.(like a Coral??)

    Here is also updated map

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