• Survey Questions and Analysis


    1. Do you or your family have an emergency evacuation plan?

    (1/7) 14.7% - Yes

    (6/7) 85.7% - No

    If not, why not?

    • not really. it's more like when the situation is about to happen then we decide what we'll do. ie: notification from the news. also cause not many disasters occur in the area we live.
    • never thought about it!

    2. Do you or your family have an emergency kit in case of a disaster?

    (1/7) 14.7% - Yes

    (6/7) 85.7% - No

    3. If yes, can you list a couple of things that are included in the kit?

    • not necessary
    • Water, batteries, flashlights, first aid kit, etc

    4. Where do you keep your kit?

    (1/1) Kitchen

    5. How often do you update it?

    (1/1) Every six months

    6. Do you or your family own a pet?

    (2/7) 28.6% Yes

    (5/7) 71.4% No

    7. Does the evacuation plan or emergency kit include your pet?

    (2/7) 28.6% Yes

    (5/7) 71.4% No

    8. If yes, how is your pet included? (ie. What are you bringing with you, where is it located, etc)

    • pet food and wet wipes! and hopefully some clothes! ... it'll be located with my own emergency kit! Pets are family too!!
    • my pets are my family. any sort of disaster that may occur always includes the pets. the plan consists of gathering all the pets and taking them where ever we seek shelter.

    My thoughts: Most have not even thought about an emergency evacuation plan for the family. Based on my survey results, it seems that I first need to raise awareness for people to start planning ahead, regardless of where they are located. Areas that are more prone to natural disasters should update their plans and kits more often.

  • Safety-first_177_

    Nicole, Pet owners crack me up...I love that the one person who has considered the needs of his or her pet in the disaster kit has included clothes for the pet. Like, if you are evacuating your house in a row boat, it is important that Fifi has her best outfit on...

    Don't worry if there's not much recognition of the need for your product. That just means that no one e;se has thought of it, so there's no competition (yet). You should move forward with this idea, I think. What are the kinds of things that happen to pets in emergencies? why do people leave them behind? Is there any way that you can develop a product that will make it easier for the pet to come along in the event of an evacuation? How about a doggie life preserver or something like that...oops, too late for that one!


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