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    These are two pictures from Atlantic Health Systems in Morristown NJ. I went on a site visit there where I was taken through the entire waste disposal process within the hospital. According to their statistics, they generate about 1 million lbs of medical waste each year. They are a fairly large hospital, but do not compare to large urban hospitals such as those in New York City who can generate around 2 tons of medical waste each year. It was really educational and enlightening to speak with the Director of Waste Management because he was very concerned in all the ways that he can reduce the waste. The hospital works with SharpSmart, a distribution and incineration company that handles the organization and outsourcing of the waste 5 days a week. The hospital pays about 23 cents per lb of waste which is a great incentive to cut costs. One thing that struck me as very interesting were the containers they used to dispose. Not only was the color coding system fantastically organized, but the containers were designed so that once something is put in, it cannot be taken out and hands cannot go in. The containers also lock and they are reusable. Everything else gets shredded except for the containers that are reused. My other NFP is P2D2 program in Pontiac Illinois. They deal with instituting take back programs by educating the school system in the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals. I have other NFPs I am looking into. I need many to supplement all of my research.

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